Acquainted with the Night
"Rask" is currently based in Ohio, and has enjoyed reading, drawing, and comics since she was very young. "The Silver Kiss" was the first vampire book she read, and she fell in love with the genre and has been dreaming and writing about vampires ever since. Many of the characters presented in this comic have been in development for over seven years.

Rask graduated from Muskingum University in 2010, and is on her way to becoming an art teacher, which she's very excited about. Currently she is working as a full-time substitute for a nearby school district, and enjoying it immensely! Though art is her main passion, teaching is a close second-- and off all of the varied artistic mediums, many of which Rask has dabbled in, comics have so far been her favorite pastime.

In case you're curious, Rask got her web-nickname from the character Raskolnikov from the novel "Crime and Punishment". She used it as a character in the online game World of Warcraft, and it's stuck. (Someday she will create a comic about that character, as well!)

It should be noted that many of the plot points presented in this comic, as well as specific characters, belong in part or in whole to Rask's good friend, Chajiko, as the role-play between the two has formed the foundation for many of the events in the comic. You can read Chajiko's story about her characters in the comic on her story-blog here.

Rask, cos-playing as her character Mace.